Using Technology to Enhance Your NOVA Experience

We believe that working smarter in the 21st century classroom means staying ahead of the digital curve. As a NOVA faculty member, you have unlimited access to innovative tools and communities of scholars to support teaching and learning. Browse through this site to learn more about the myriad resources available to help you support your world-class teaching at NOVA.

Learn 24/7

What if students were given access to core content well after the end of class? NOVA gives you the tools to create learning spaces where students can think critically, collaborate and innovate whenever and wherever. With around-the-clock access to the classroom, your students will be able to act on new ideas as they spark and collaborate with their peers at the best times for the group (even if it’s 2 am).


Go Mobile

Staying connected involves leveraging technology and resources when you need them. Extend the classroom experience to your mobile device to create an immersive mLearning experience for your students. Offer on-demand lectures, up-to-the-minute announcements and alerts, and rich collaborative network over social media to support your course content.


Join the Online Community

With our websites, blogs, wikis and social media networks, there are many ways for you to connect to our online community. In addition to keeping up with news and events at NOVA, you can join in on the dialogue over social media, or on your own website or blog. NOVA provides a variety of ways for you to share your unique story with the NOVA community and beyond.



From technical issues to the latest technology for teaching and learning, get the answers that you need to spend more time on task. Best of all, NOVA is there to field your questions around the clock, anytime you need help.



Want a collection of all of the resources featured on this site in a quick and dirty cheat sheet? Click on the link below to access the many tools and services in a single page.