Learn 24/7

NOVA sets the stage for academic success with resources available to you and your students around the clock. Cutting-edge technology and support services allow students to collaborate and learn at the times that work best for them.  Enjoy 24/7 access to the following tools:

  • Blackboard
    Access to the classroom around the clock with Blackboard Learn
  • Open Educational Resources
    Save students money while providing instant online access to cutting-edge learning materials by using OERs
  • Work Remotely
    Using VPN and other online access tools
  • Online Lectures
    Hold live lectures online with Blackboard Collaborate. Record your lectures in real-time with Panopto. You can also post archived lectures on iTunesU so that students can access course content on-the-go.
  • Provide Support
    Connect with students in virtual office hours over eMeetings, conference calls, chat, emails and texts.
  • Collaborate
    Interact with your students and colleagues in discussions both in and out of your online classroom using social media, emeetings, and blogs and wikis.
  • Online Testing Center
    Offer your exams around the clock using the online testing service, Proctor U.


Connect with Blackboard

NOVA sees Blackboard as more than just a classroom supplement – we encourage our faculty to take the helm in using the LMS to create engaging and immersive learning environments.  In doing so, your students will benefit from lessons tailored to support the ways that they best learn, digital content embedded in the interface, and endless opportunities for them to collaborate and share new ideas with their peers.  With Blackboard, your students will be able to:


Collaborate with Online Meetings

What if you could plan your collaborative work around the times that were most convenient to you and your group? Take advantage of ideas as they spark with the many emeeting tools available to NOVA teachers and students. From produced interactive sessions in Blackboard Collaborate, to informal video chats using Google Hangout, you'll be able to attend meetings whenever and wherever, maximizing on creativity and efficiency.

Brand new to emeetings? Not sure which tool to use? Visit the site below for an overview of the applications available to you at NOVA and for recommendations on which of the offerings is best suited to your meeting. From enterprise level solutions to casual tools for on-the-fly chats, we break down the perks of each and get you started with your online session.

Choosing an Online Meeting Tool

Did You Know?

Teaching online can help save the planet. You'll save gas by reducing your commute to a brick and mortar campus, and leverage ebooks and open educational resources to lessen the proliferation of printed pages.

Get Help

Hit a roadblock? From technical support to expert advice from resource mavens, get the answers you need to work smarter and stay on task.

Discount Programs

NOVA helps to offset the steep cost of emerging technology with discount programs for the purchase of home computers and related products.  You can also take advantage of cutting-edge resources for free with equipment checkout programs, smart classroom setups and collections of open-source alternatives to pricey software.

  • Computer Purchase Program
    Receive discounts on new technology Apple, HP and Dell.
  • Free/Discounted Software
    Outfit your computer with free programs for productivity such as Microsoft Office and Symantec Antivirus Software.
  • Wireless Discounts
    Save on monthly charges, shipping and purchases with wireless discounts for faculty and staff on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.
  • Open Source Tools
    Find free alternatives to high-priced software with OSALT.com (Open Source as Alternative).