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Mobile devices have become our hubs for information, keeping us connected to the content that matters regardless of how far we are from home. NOVA sees mobile learning in the same light - engagement can happen anywhere and anytime if you can connect to course content from whatever device you've got handy. Here's a glimpse at the many things you'll be able to do when you go mobile at NOVA:



Do you remember the days when class began with an announcement to put your cell phone away? Cell phones and tablets give us unprecedented access to tutorials, lectures, simulations and design tools to help you study smarter.  Take a look at some of the best collections of apps for the classroom:

MERLOT Mobile Initiative

Explore MERLOT’s collection of mobile apps for tablets and smartphones in different disciplines. You will also find directions on how to create your own website within MERLOT and how to use mobile apps in the classroom so others can learn from your experiences.

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Apps for Learning

The Tennessee Board of Regents built a search engine to allow students and teachers to search for apps sorted by subject, level and device. You can access the search tool by clicking on the button at the bottom of this box, or try out some of our favorite apps below.

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Social Media

Join the dialogue on our online community connected through social media.  You can visit them individually using the links below, or peek at our mashup for a roundup of the buzz across all of our social sites.

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Apps Worth Downloading

Take a look at some of our favorite apps for the classroom - all of them are interdisciplinary and will work for you regardless of what you are studying.

NOVA Alert

Keep safe and stay informed with NOVA Alert, a free alert system that allows the college to contact you during an emergency with messages delivered to your cell phone or email.  You can sign up for NOVA Alert below, or visit the site for the latest alerts and FAQs.